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we provide all type electrical works

We specialize in fitting and maintaining the most suitable electrical works in your company. Need not to compromise with less.

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Annual Maintenance

Electrical Infra, Electrical Panel, APFC Panel, CCTV System, Pest Control, DG Maintanence

Project Management

Facility and Electrical Maintence Work

Facility Management

- Critical facilities
- Electrical

Together We Outperform

In today's business world, when your infrastructure hits a roadblock, business comes to a standstill. How do you steer clear of the barriers to ensure smooth, uninterrupted operations?

The answer is clear: Leave it to the expert navigators Dharma Enterprises and Electrical Works, while you can focus on your core business. Dharma Enterprises and Electrical Works services organization that will pull out all the stops to ensure that your enterprise can have seamless access to your Critical Physical Infrastructure resources 24x7.

  • Your trusted Electrical Solutions for many years
  • We are local, honest, and professional enterprise
  • We use years of experience and training.

Why choose us

We have the skilled and qualified staffs to install the security system protects your place
introduced. we expect to continue our relationship long after your new equipment.




Our Vision

Dharma Enterprises and Electrical Work firmly believes that electricity is the cornerstone of a high-quality life. There will be a never-ending need for products and services to harness and maximize its full potential and use. In doing so, we will be the best-in-class provider of topnotch electrical products and services.

Our Mission

To create delighted customers in Data centre Facility Management, Annual Maintenance Contract and Project Management Services.

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