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Annual Maintenance

Electrical Infra, Electrical Panel, APFC Panel, CCTV System, Pest Control, DG Maintanence

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Facility and Electrical Maintence Work

Facility Management

- Critical facilities
- Electrical

Core Competence of Dharma Enterprises and Electrical Works

Facility Management Services, Critical Facilities and Electrical maintenance work
  • Electrical Maintenance Work, HVAC, BMS, Carpentry, Plumbing maintenance work, Diesel Generator Maintenance Work
  • Electrical Audit Work, transfer Maintenance Work Soft Services i.e. Help desk, Mail room, Pest Control, Gardening
Annual Maintenance Contract of
  • CCTV System Installation Maintenance Work, UPS System, D.G System, AC Cooling System, BMS System & Networking
Project Works
  • Electrical Project Works, APFC Panel Installation Maintenance Work, Interior Designing, Civil and Carpentry

We have the skilled and qualified staffs to install the electrical system products


Electrical Maintenance

Electrical maintenance is the upkeep and preservation of equipment and systems that supply electricity to a residential, industrial or commercial building. It may be performed by the owner or manager of the site or by an outside contractor. The work is commonly performed on a schedule based on the age of the building, the complexity of the electrical system or on an as-needed basis.

The main areas of general electrical maintenance commonly include the power outlets and surge protectors, generators and lighting systems. These supply sources are checked for structural integrity as well as internal stability. The maintenance plan normally includes the regular replacement of burned out fluorescent and incandescent lights. Many building managers in recent years have refitted their lighting systems with energy saving bulbs and elements.

Maintenance is also generally part of a building's upkeep. This plan ordinarily includes the scheduled inspection of large systems and equipment by a professional electrician. The purpose of these periodic assessments is to fix small problems before they escalate into large ones. This is particularly important at plants, hospitals and factories that heavily rely on these systems for daily operations.


APFC Panel

APFC Panel with stage based pre- programmable micro-controller of varied make which triggers the capacitor banks of suitable capacity automatically in multiple stages by directly sensing the reactive load which works in the principle of VAR(Volt Ampere Reactive) sensing tends to maintain the PF to 0.99 Lag. The capacitor banks are selected in number of stages as 4/6/8/12/16 according to the load pattern as per the customer requirement.

Our valued clients can avail from us an excellent range of Apfc Panels, which is carefully fabricated under the utmost care of professionals. These are tested on different parameters to ensure high energy consumption, durability and minimum harmonic current. These are accessible from the global markets at the industry leading prices that suits the budget of our clients.

We are instrumental in providing an excellent range of Automatic Power Factor Control Panel, which is developed using quality approved raw materials. Checked on well-defined attributes, these are widely acknowledged for their operational efficiency, trouble-free operation and longer serviceability.

Most of the industrial loads are inductive in nature, i.e., lagging loads, so the power factor is low or very poor that depends on the capacity of the reactive power. These reactive loads include electric motors, induction heaters, furnaces, lamp ballast, etc. These loads cause the currents to lag the voltages with some angle resulting in poor power factor. This low power factor draws high internal current which in turn creates excessive heat in the equipment, huge voltage drop offs and poor voltage regulation. Low-power factor requires larger KVA rating for the equipment, so the cost of the equipment increases. The main aspect is that a power supply company imposes a penalty for the low-power factor in the electricity bills without using APFC panel the power factor will reduced at 0.8 to 0.6. So there will be waste of energy will cost increases.


Pest Control Service

Provides you with the best cockroach pest control service through a quick, safe, effective, and stress-free solution. We rely on advanced odourless gel bait application to manage the roaches at your home.

We offer the most advanced gel-treatment to control cockroaches at your place. PECOPP's trained team applies the gel bait in very tiny pin-sized drops at your home without you having to step out of your home or emptying your drawers and cabinets. Even better, you don't even need to leave your home during or after our treatment.

We apply the odourless gel against cockroaches at their harbourage as cupboards, drawers, below kitchen sinks, and kitchen appliances. The gel-bait applied by us is an edible pesticide especially formulated to attract cockroaches and kill them after they ingest it.

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